April 4

When smiling you are really nice.

你笑起來真好看When smiling you are really nice.

想去遠方的山川,想去海邊看海鷗I want to travel afar. I want to see the seagull
不管風雨有多少,有你就足夠In spite of much wind and rain I feel good with you
喜歡看你的嘴角,喜歡看你的眉梢I love looking at your corners of the mouth I love looking at your brow
白雲掛在那藍天,像你的微笑The white clouds in the blue sky Seem like your bright smile
你笑起來真好看,像春天的花一樣 When smiling you are really nice.  Like the flower in springtime
把所有的煩惱所有的憂愁,統統都吹散Taking all my worry and all my sorrow.   Now so far away
你笑起來真好看,像夏天的陽光When smiling you are really nice.    Just like summer sunshine
整個世界全部的時光,美得像畫卷All of the time in the entire world is so beautiful

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