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Chinese Chess

象棋是中國傳統的雙人棋類遊戲,Chess is a traditional Chinese chess game for two players.

棋盤由九條縱線和十條橫線相交而成。The chessboard is formed by the intersection of nine vertical lines and ten horizontal lines.

棋子放在各條線的相交點上,並在線上移動。Pieces are placed at the intersections of the lines and moved on the lines.

棋盤中間有一個河界,寫著「楚河漢界」用來分開兩方,表示下棋如三國時代楚漢兩國相爭的局面,There is a river boundary in the middle of the chessboard, which is written “Chu River and Han Boundary” to separate the two sides.

棋盤兩邊還會寫著:「觀棋不語真君子,起手無回大丈夫」等字樣。There are words such as

A real gentleman who watches chess without saying a word is a real man who never returns.
Hold your comment if you are not playing.  Live with the choice you make.

棋子的顏色分為紅色和黑色,雙方各有十六個棋子,The colors of the chess pieces are divided into red and black, and each side has 16 chess pieces.

只要一方的“將”被對方吃掉,或者自動認輸,另一方即可得勝。As long as one side’s “general” is eaten by the other side, or automatically surrenders, the other side can win.

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