December 1

The Rabbit and Turtle Race

龜兔賽跑The Rabbit and Turtle (Tortoise) Race
我跑得最快,沒有比我更快的。Oh, I am so fast nothing can match my speed especially you turtle.
真的嗎? 我向你挑戰!Really? I challenge you!
我覺得兔子會贏,他跑得非常快.I think the rabbit will win; he is very fast.
比賽開始,兔子跑過山頭。The race begins and the rabbit runs across the hill.
天呀! 我看不到兔子了,Oh my! I cannot see rabbit anymore,
他已經消失在山上了。for he has vanished upon the mountains.
哈哈哈! 這個笨烏龜,這麼慢! 我先睡一下!
Ha ha ha! That dumb turtle is so slow! I will take a nap; it will take turtle hours to get here!
不要取笑我,我盡力在跑。Don’t make fun of me, I try to run.
(過了一會兒,兔子醒來)After a while, the rabbit woke up
等一下! 等一下! 烏龜經過兔子了!Wait! Wait! The turtle has passed rabbit!
他要到終點了!  沒有機會,兔子太貪睡。He’s almost to the finish line!      Rabbit don’t have a chance, for he/she is too tired!
誰贏了?Who’s going to win?
烏龜是贏家 The turtle is the winner!
有耐心,持續做,不怕慢,就會贏。If you are consistent and are fearless, you can win at anything.



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