January 4

The year of rabbit

新年到 跳一跳,把煩惱給拋掉。
The new year is here, just dance and throw away your worries.
扭一扭 搖一搖, 身材會更苗條。
wiggle and shake your body, the body will be health (slimmer and fit).
我想要 約你到,公園去跑一跑。
I want to ask you to come and go for a run in the park.
像兔子 開心的跳跳跳,
Like a rabbit jumping happily,
親戚到 真熱鬧, 手機要準備好。
It’s really lively when relatives arrive, so keep your mobile phone ready.
Scan scan收紅包,不計較有多少。
Scan scan accepts red envelopes, no matter how many.
祝福你 新一年,生意好 步步高,
Wishing you a new year with great business and improvement.
祝你好運圍繞,財神爺追著你 跑跑跑。
I wish you good luck around, (the God of Wealth) the spirt of wealth chasing you around.
新年兔兔兔兔兔兔, 幸福福福福福福,
The new year is bunny year. Happiness.
把健康和財富抓住。 Take hold of health and wealth.
The new year is bunny year. Don’t be afraid of hardships.
堅持夢想義無反顧。 Adhere to the dream without hesitation.
身體健康,青春永駐。 Stay healthy and stay fresh (young) forever.
The new year is bunny year. Contentment.
祝福你走的每一步 都滿足。 I wish you satisfaction every step of the way.
你的一切,我都在乎。 I care about everything about you.
Don’t cry, I’ll hold you when the sky falls
你是我一生的禮物,You are the gift of my life,
珍惜和你的每一步 很滿足。
Cherish every step with you, very satisfied.
獻上我誠懇的祝福I love you。
Offer my sincere blessings, I love you.


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