September 12

Taste 4-1

酸的sour 它嚐起來有點酸,但是很開胃It tastes a bit sour, but it’s very appetizing.

甜的sweet 這飲料對我來說太甜了The drink is too sweet for me.

甜的、含糖的sugary 盡力避免喝含糖飲料Do your best to avoid sugary drinks.

苦的bitter 黑咖啡是苦的Black coffee is bitter.

辣的hot 這醬料有點辣The sauce is a bit hot.

辛辣spicy 你喜歡吃辣嗎?Do you like spicy food?

鹹的/加鹽的Salty我加太多鹽在湯里,現在它太鹹了。I added too much salt to the soup and now it is too salty.

鹹味的savory 你較喜歡甜的還是鹹的爆米花?Do you prefer sweet or savory popcorn?

有水果味的fruity 這酒有水果香味The wine has a fruit flavor.

堅果口味的nutty 這起司有堅果的味道The cheese has a nutty taste.

有大蒜味的garlicky 你喜歡有大蒜味的食物嗎?Do you like garlicky food?




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