March 15

Exercise Song

運動歌Sports Song
一二三四 向前跑跑 One, two, three, four, run forward.
二二三四 向後跳跳 Two two three four jumps backward.
三二三四 向左轉轉 Three two three four turns left
四二三四 向右扭扭 Four two three four twists to the right
抖抖手呀 抖抖腳 Shake your hands, shake your feet.
向上跳跳 長得高 Jump up and grow taller.
扭扭脖子 動動腰 Twist your neck, move your waist.
左右搖擺 更健康 Swing left and right for better health.
天天運動 身體棒棒 Exercise every day and stay in good health.
健康快樂go go go Healthy and happy go go go
一二三四 扭扭小腰腰 One, two, three, four, twist your waist.
二二三四 擺擺小屁股 Two, two, three, four, swing your little butt. (buttocks)
三二三四 做做深呼吸 Three two three four take a deep breath.
四二三四 運動最快樂 Four,two,three,four Sports are the happiest.(exercise is the most joyful)


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