April 4

Opposite -Big & Small

大和小 相反歌Opposite Song

我們來找相反的東西大和小Let’s find the opposites big and small.
爸爸手大大,我的手小小。Dad has big hands. (Daddy’s hands are big) My hands are small.
媽媽腳大大,我的腳小小。Mom has big feet. Mommy’s feet are big. My feet are small.
There are many opposite things, let’s sing opposite songs together.
還有更多相反的東西。There are even more opposites.
南瓜很大 ,豆子很小。The pumpkin is  big and the bean is small.
哈密瓜很大, 草莓很小。The cantaloupe is big, and the strawberry is small.
這顆球很大, 那顆球很小。This ball is big, that ball is small.
這個積木大, 那個積木小。This block is big, that block is small.
爸爸杯子大, 我的杯子小。Daddy’s cup is big, my cup is small.
這隻鴨子大, 那隻鴨子小。This duck is big. That duck is small.
大熊很大, 兔子很小。The bear is big and the rabbit is small.
大象很大, 猴子很小。Elephants are big and monkeys are small.

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