April 22

Happy Mother’s Day

母親節快樂Happy Mothers’ Day,
When I was little, you told me to move forward bravely.
不用害怕 不用緊張,因為你會陪著我。
Don’t be afraid, don’t be nervous, because you will be with me (you would accompany me).
There is always some loss in life (setbacks), but you want me to raise my head,
你告訴我夢想成就 只是面對自己的承諾,
You told me that dreams come true just by facing your own commitments,
You told me that fulfilling dreams is just a promise to oneself,
I wish you a happy Mother’s Day, as long as you are happy every day,
These days are really hard. I will be responsible for the days ahead.
I wish you a happy Mother’s Day and I want you to be happy every day.
I am fortunate in this life because I have you by my side.
每一天都在期待 在你身邊耍耍賴,
I look forward to playing tricks around you every day,
You want me to stop making mischief (being naughty) and to be a good kid,
As I grew up, I realized that you can’t rely on everything.
You want me to stop waiting and go find my own future.

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