May 1

Tea Four-Direction & Order

請問tea four 怎麼走?How to get to tea four?
After leaving the school, go right along the road.
There is a new fast-food restaurant on the right.
經過OSU的銀行,Passed OSU’s bank,
At the intersection, cross the street and go straight.
右邊有加油站。There is a gas station on the right.
左邊有牙醫診所,There’s a dental office, on the left.
一元商店,dollar store, 急診室,emergency room,
美甲店 and nail salon
疫情後,有些空的店鋪After the epidemic, some empty shops
還有超級市場。There is also a supermarket.
沒錯, 這家超級市場應有盡有
Yes, this supermarket has everything you need。
經過一座橋。Cross a bridge
Next door to a Chinese restaurant, that’s it
到了目的地Arrived at destination

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