January 12

We all like sports

我們都喜歡運動We All Like Sports

      我喜歡跑步,I like running.

      你喜歡游泳;You like swimming,

      他喜歡騎車,He likes cycling

      她喜歡騎馬;She likes horse-riding

      蘭蘭喜歡打籃球,Lan Lan likes playing basketball.

      大偉喜歡踢足球;David likes playing soccer.

      媽媽喜歡打網球,Mom likes playing tennis.

      爸爸會打乒乓球,Dad knows how to play table tennis.

      弟弟妹妹打板球,Little brother and sister play cricket.

      我們都喜歡運動。We all like sports.

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