January 8

Compete Strength

比力氣 Compete strength

烏龜和蝸牛比賽, 看誰的動作快。Turtle and snail compete, to see who is the fastest.

比走路, 烏龜驕傲地說:Competing walking, the turtle arrogantly says:

「哈, 我走的比你快!」[Ah, I walk faster than you!]

比爬樹, 蝸牛神氣的說: Competing climbing trees, the snail proudly says:

「哼, 我爬的比你快! 」[Hmph, I can climb faster than you!]

這時候, 壁虎來了, 看見烏龜和蝸牛,At this time, the gecko arrived and saw the turtle and the snail,

笑著說, 「唉呀, 你們在比慢嗎? 」Smiling says, [ Aiyah! Are you guys competing who’s slow?

烏龜和蝸牛聽了,很不服氣的說: The turtle and the snail hearing this, will not accept it and say:

「不, 我們在比誰的力氣大! 你能背起你的房子,跟我們比一嗎? 」No, we are competing who has the most strength! You can carry your house, Compete with us?

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