January 9

Blow bubble

吹泡泡 Blow bubbles

吹泡泡,吹泡泡, Blow bubbles, blow bubbles,

嘟起嘴來吹泡泡, pucker up the lips and blow bubbles,先吹一顆小珍珠, First blow a little pearl,

再吹一串紫葡萄, and then blow a strand of purple grapes,

一顆顆,一串串, A bubble, a chains of bubbles,

通通都向天上飄, all float towards the sky,

我們的脚也忙著跳! Our feet are also busily jumping!

吹泡泡,吹泡泡, Blow bubbles, blow bubbles,

抬起頭來輕輕吹, lift your head and blow lightly,

先吹一顆玻珠,First blow a glass pearl,

再吹一串糖葫蘆, and then blow a candy fruit kebob.


A bubble, a strand of bubbles, all flies towards the sky,

我們的笑聲也跟著飛! Our laughter also flies with it!

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