August 1

What is a Friend?

什麼是朋友?What is a Friend?

朋友就是——-你喜歡的人,也是喜歡你的人。A friend is—- Someone you like, who also likes you.

有的朋友是男孩兒 Some friends are boys,

有的朋友是女孩兒 Some are girls.

朋友也可能是—-一隻貓 一隻狗 或是一隻小老鼠A friend can also be—– A cat,A  dog,   Or a little mouse

學校里有許多同學There are lots of classmates at school

有時候,你也許覺得:「我沒有朋友! 」Sometimes, you may feel : I don’t have a single friend

別急! 別急! 慢慢來!Don’t be anxious! Don’t worry! Take it easy!

你一定會交到許多好朋友。You will make lots of good friends in no time.

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