August 2

My Friends and I

我和我的朋友My Friend and I

我姓言, 我叫言立明, My last name is Yen, my name is Yen Li-Ming

大家都叫我明明。and everyone calls me Ming-Ming.

我是中文學校一年級的學生,我喜歡我的學校。I am a first grade student at the Chinese school, and I like my school.

這位是林友友,大家都叫他友友,他是我的好朋友。That is Lin You-You, everyone calls him You-You, and he is my good friend.

那位是江禾中, 大家都叫他中中,他也是我的好朋友。 That is Jiang He-Zhong, everyone calls him Zhong-Zhong, and he is also my good friend.

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