August 3

Puppy’s Breakfast

小狗的早飯Puppy’s Breakfast
Mom, where did this Poppy come from/ asked Xiao-Xiao
Your dad ‘s friend, Uncle Yen, gave him to us as a gift. Mom said.
小小說:來! 我們交個朋友,我會天天餵你吃早飯。
Come on, let’s be friends. I will feed you breakfast everyday Xiao Xiao said the puppy.
有一天早上,小小起來晚了,他來不及餵小狗就上學了。 One morning, Xiao-Xiao got up late. He went to school without feeding the puppy.
小小從學校回家,立刻打開冰箱拿點心吃,小狗餓的汪汪叫。 The minute Xiao-Xiao returned home from school. he opened the refrigerator and get some snacks to eat. The puppy was hungry and be barked.
小小說:哎呀,我忘了餵你,對不起! 讓你餓了一天。
Ah, I forgot to feed you. I am sorry that you have been hungry the entire day! Xiao-Xiao said.
小小說:別急! 慢慢吃,我以後會記得天天餵你。
Don’t rush! Take it easy! I will remember to see you every day. Xiao-Xiao said,
小狗想:是嗎? 如果你再忘了,那我怎麼辦呢?
Yeah right! What if you forget to feed me again? what am I going to do? that Puppy thought.


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