January 11

Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth
我刷我刷我刷刷刷I brush I brush I brush brush brush
我上上下下 我前前後後Up and down, back and forth
我仔仔細細 我輕輕柔柔I attend to the details softly and gently
我快快樂樂I brush happily
睡前起床 三餐飯後 刷牙漱口I brush and rinse before bed, after I wake up and after my three meals
因為牙齒是我的好朋友 because teeth are my good friends
好吃的東西真多 There are many good things to eat
唏哩嘩啦通通塞入口The food is stuffed into my mouth all at once.
最怕是滿嘴的蛀蟲 My most greatest fear are cavities
什麼好糠A都咬不動You cannot bite or eat anything good.
嘿嘿嘿 Hey, hey, hey
你的牙齒有一個大窟窿There is a big hole in your teeth
嘿嘿嘿嘿 Hey, Hey, Hey 牙醫永遠和我不同國The Dentist is never on my sidea
(弟弟妹妹,我們來刷牙)  (好!) Younger brothers and sisters, let’s go brush our teeth.
我刷我刷我刷刷刷I brush I brush I brush brush brush
牙膏輕輕給他擠一下 Gently squeeze the toothpaste
我不要人家叫我大黃牙。I do not want people to call me big yellow teeth.

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