January 9

Uncle’s Riddle

叔叔的謎語Uncle『s Riddle

Both Zhong Zhong and his older brother said. Their uncle’s hat looked very nice.

叔叔說:「那麼我說一個謎語,你們誰猜對了, 我就把帽子送給誰。 」
“Let me tell you a riddle, and I will my hat to whoever guesses the right answer first” said their uncle.

叔叔說:「你們猜猜看,什麼動物在小的時候有四條腿,長大以後有兩條腿,老了以後又有三條腿呢?」what has four legs when young—- he said? and two legs when growing up, but three legs when old .  ask the uncle.

Zhong Zhong and his brother cannot guess the answer no matter how hard they tried.

哥哥看見一位老先生從前面走過,就笑著說:「啊! 我猜到了! 是人。  」
The older brother suddenly saw an elder walked by. I got it!  he said smilingly. The answer is human. Said the brother.

Baby crawls so he’s got 4 legs.

When he starts walking he’s got 2 legs.

Finally when he gets old, he needs a walking stick, so that when he has 3 legs.

叔叔說:「哥哥猜對了, 這頂帽子就給哥哥啦! 」
You got it right says uncle the hat is yours.

you can have it said the older brother told Zhongzhong

中中說:「 不行!  不行! 這是哥哥的。 」
No I cannot take it. It’s yours said ZhongZhong.

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