January 13

The trip of the Little Drops of Water

小水滴旅行The Trip of the Little Drops of water

一顆一顆小水滴都睡醒了。 The little drops of water woke up one by one.

大家說:「好舒服啊!我們去旅行吧!」Everyone said: “It feels so comfortable! Let’s go traveling!

他們唱著歌,從草原上流到小河裡。They while singing and flowed from the meadow to the small river.

一里、兩里、三里,他們唱著歌,又從小河裡流入大海裡。One mile, two miles, three miles, they sang songs(still sing), and flowed from the small river into the sea.

太陽公公說:「你們唱什麼歌?唱得真好聽!你們來天上玩吧!」Mr. Sun said, “What song are you singing? It’s so beautiful! Come up and play in the sky!”

小水滴身體變得又大又輕,他們飛起來了。The bodies of the little water drops became bigger and lighter, and they flew up.

他們抱在一起,變成一朵一朵的雲。They hugged each other and turned into clouds.

一陣風吹過來大家說:「好冷呀,我們回家吧!」When the wind blew over and everyone said, “It’s getting cold, let’s go home!”

小水滴就從天上跳下來。The little water droplets jumped down from the sky.

(the drops of water jumped back to the ground)

青蛙說:「下雨了!下雨了!」The frog said, “It’s raining! It’s raining!”

小水滴下在樹上、花上、草上……The rain drops fell on the trees, flowers, grass…

小水滴累得睡著了。The rain drops got so tired and fell asleep.

啊! 小水滴又睡醒了,Ah! The little drops woke up again,
Everyone said: “It feels so comfortable! Let’s go traveling again!


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