January 15

The Story of the Monster Nian

『年』的故事 The story of the monster Nian

很久很久以前,高山上有一隻長得很可怕、很愛睡覺的怪獸。 它的名字叫「年」。
The legend says, long ago, there was a ferocious and lazy monster call Nain who lived in the mountains and always was asleep.
Every winter, the monster was up for one day.
After dark, Nian came down from the mountains to find something to eat.
年喜歡吃動物也喜歡吃人。Nian likes to eat animals as well as people.
天黑以後,大家都不敢出門。After dark, nobody dared to go out.
有一回,天還沒黑,年突然跑下山來,Once Nian came down before it was dark,
Nian suddenly heard some cracking noise, he got scared and ran away.
Nian saw someone in red sitting outside of the door, Nian was frightened away and ran back to the mountains.
Someone figured out that Nian was afraid of the color of red, Afraid to hear the sound of crackling,
Everyone put red paper on the gate, also burn bamboo to make the cracking noise.
As a result, on that night, Nian dared not come down the mountain again.
The next day everyone came out to see that everyone was safe,
everyone is safe, They said “Congratulations” to each other.
Later, Nian never came out again.
Some people say that Nian has starved to death.
從此以後,那個晚上就叫除夕。From then on, that night was called New Year’s Eve.
家家放鞭炮、吃年夜飯。Every family sets off firecrackers and eats New Year’s Eve dinner.
除夕晚上,家家祭祖。On New Year’s Eve, every family worships their ancestors,
Every family holds a memorial ceremony for the ancestors,
Children have to wish the seniors a happy new Year in a respectful way New Year’s greetings to their elders,
長輩給小孩子紅包叫壓歲錢。The elders give children red envelopes called lucky money.
第二天是新年,大家互相拜年,The next day is the New Year, everyone wishes each other a New Year,
互相說:「恭喜! 恭喜! 新年好」。Say to each other: “Congratulations! Congratulations! Happy New Year”.


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