January 18

How many books

一共有幾本書How many books

Teacher asked Zhongzhong: “If I give you one book first, then give you three books more, how many books do you have altogether?

中中說:「四本書。」Zhongzhong said: “Four books.”

The teacher asked again: “If I give you three books first, then give you one more, how many books do you have altogether?

中中馬上說:「八本書。」 Zhongzhong immediately said: “Eight books.”

老師問:「你剛才說四本書,為什麼現在說八本書呢?」Teacher asked, “You just said four books, why do you say eight books now?”

中中說:「剛才您不是給了我四本書嗎?」Zhongzhong said, “Haven’t you given me four books already?”

小雪手中一枝筆 Has a pen in Xiaoxu’s hand
小雪手中一枝筆 Xiaoxue has a pen in her hand.
什麼筆?毛筆。 What kind of pen? A Chinese brush pen.
什麼毛?羊毛。What kind of hair? Goat’s hair.
什麼羊?山羊。 What kind of goat? Mountain goat.
什麼山?高山。What kind of mountain? A high mountain.
高高山上山羊跑,On the high mountains the mountain goats run.
山羊身上長羊毛,The mountain goats have long white hair.
白白羊毛做毛筆,The white hair is good for making Chinese brush pens.
毛筆好,毛筆好,Brush pen are good to use, good to use,
拿起毛筆畫隻小黃鳥。Take up the brush pen to paint a little yellow bird.

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