January 19

The Magical Paintbrush

小雪的魔筆The Magical Paintbrush of Xiaoxue

很久很久以前,有一個孤兒叫小雪,Long time ago, there was an orphan named Xiaoxue,

他很喜歡畫畫兒,可是他很窮,沒有錢買筆。 She liked drawing very much, but she didn’t have the money to buy a p aintbrush.

有一天晚上,小雪夢見一位老奶奶,One night, Xiaoxue dreamed that an old grandma,

老奶奶送給她一隻又長又大的毛筆。The old grandma gave her a long and big paintbrush.

小雪醒來,手裡真的拿著一支毛筆。Xiaoxue woke up with a real writing brush in her hand.

小雪,很高興就在手心上畫了一隻小鳥。Xiaoxue, I was very happy that she drew a little bird on the palm of her hand.

忽然間,這隻鳥變成真的鳥,飛走了。Suddenly, the bird became a real bird and flew away.

啊! 小雪知道了,原來這是一隻魔筆。ah! Xiaoxue realized that it was a magic paintbrush.

小雪想,如果用這隻魔筆,畫很多的東西送給窮人,他們就可以過好日子了。Xiaoxue thought, if she used this magic paintbrush to draw a lot of things and give them to the poor, they would be able to live a good life.

於是,小雪就每天到窮人家裡,用這支筆劃許多東西送給他們。So, Xiaoxue went to the poor people’s homes every day, and used magic paintbrush to draw many things they needed for them.

貪心的國王知道了,就把小雪抓進宮裡,天天叫小雪,為他畫畫。When the greedy king found out (heard about this), he took Xiaoxue into the palace (he kept Xiaoxue as a prisoner in the palace) and ordered  Xiaoxue to draw a lot of things for him every day.

有一天,國王想坐船,就叫小雪,先畫一艘大船和一片大海,再畫幾筆大風。One day, the king wanted to sail on a ship, so he ordered Xiaoxue, to draw a big ship, the ocean and also wind for him.

國王坐上了船,不久,起風了,船在海上走得很快。The king got on the ship, and soon the wind picked up, and the ship was going very fast on the sea.

可是,風太大了,風把船吹翻了,國王再也回不來了。However, the wind was so fierce later that the ship was turned over, and the king never returned.

小雪離開了王宮。小雪,每天還在為窮人畫畫兒,Xiaoxue left the palace.  and continued to draw things for the poor every day,

只是沒有人知道他住在哪里。but nobody ever found out where she lives.


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