March 1

Earth Child

地球的孩子 Earth child

我們都有一個願望,沒有煩惱快樂成長。We all have a dream, to have no worries and to grow up happy.

不管你站在什麼地方,抬起頭都是一樣的太陽。Regardless of where you stand, looked up and it is all the same sun.

我們都是地球的孩子,上天為我們寫下不同的故事。We are all children of the Earth,                God writes different stories for us

有人高,有人壯,有人需要我們幫忙。Some tall, some strong, Some need our help

展開雙手,請你和我一起唱。Open the palms of your hand, and sing with me

吼嘿吼 咿嘿吼 吼嘿吼 咿嘿吼 吼嘿吼 咿嘿吼 嘿吼

earth child

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