January 21

Journey to the west

西遊記Journey to the west

花果山the mountains of flowers and the fruit

很久很久以前,海上有一座仙山叫「花果山」。It is said that once upon a time, there was a magical mountain in the far away seas, which was knowing us the mountain of flowers.

有一天,山頂上的大石頭,突然爆開,跳出一隻小猴子來。One day, suddenly, a rock in the mountain burst open, giving birth to a stone monkey.

這隻猴子才一開口,就會說話。 他很可愛,大家都愛跟他一起玩兒。The monkey opened his mouth, and he could talk right away. He was very adorable that all other monkeys likes to play with him.

有一回,這群猴子找到一個大瀑布。 大家拍手說:「好水! 好水!」One day as they playing, they came upon a curtain of water. Great water! Great Water! They clapped their hands and yelled.

一個白毛老猴子說:「有誰敢跳進去,我們就拜他做大王。」An old white-haired monkey suggested that whoever was brave enough to pass through the curtain of water would be their king.

那隻小猴子說:我去! 我去! 他一用力,就跳進瀑布里了。 The store monkey volunteered; I will go! And he jumped through the curtain of the water.

瀑布裡面是個石洞。 洞口上有十個字:花果山福地,水簾洞洞天。 There was a cave inside of the water curtain. On the entrance of the cave there was an inscription which said the mountain of Flowers at Fruit is Blessed.  The Cave of the Water Curtain is the Paradise.

他走進洞裡,看見洞裡有石床、石凳、石杯、石碗他高興得又叫又跳。When he went inside the cave. He saw stone beds benches, pots and bowls. He jumped up and down and shouted for joy.

他把大家都叫進洞里來住。大家很高興,就拜他為美猴王。Then he called all the other monkeys to jump over, and they all lived in the cave after that. They were so happy that they make the stone monkey their king.

日子過得很快樂。 可是美猴王擔心,如果以後妖怪來了怎麼辦? 他想出去學些本領。Their life was good, but the Monkey King was worried that there were monsters who would intrude, what could he do if that happened? He wanted to go somewhere to learn fighting skills.

猴子們送美猴王上船。大家說:大王! 大王! 你要早點兒回來!The monkey saw him off on a boat the next day. Please come back soon! Your Majesty said all the monkeys.

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