September 1

Happy Friends

嘿!我們快樂的朋友 手拉著手兒心連心
Hey! Our happy friends, hand in hand and heart to heart
一起努力向前行 共創美好的人生
Moving forward together to create a better life
嘿!我們快樂的朋友 我們有天真的赤子心
Hey! Our happy friends, we have (kind) benign hearts
還有駱駝的耐力 更有獅子的勇猛心
We have the endurance of the camel and the courage of the lion.
信心毅力加上勇氣 衝破難關不怕艱辛
We are fearless of hardship because of our faith in perseverance and courage to overcome difficulties.
樂觀進取承擔責任 追求理想迎向光明
We have a positive outlook on embracing our responsibility and have dreams that light our way.

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