September 1

When you have the courage

原本以為自己辦不到 不可能 不可以 Originally I had thought that I could not do it, it was impossible and not allowed.

羡慕別人樣樣都行 Envied how others seemed to be able to do everything

看看自己好生氣I was frustrated with myself

像蝸牛躲在小小殼裡Like a snail who hides in a small shell

慌張會打擊信心  Panic leads to a lack of confidence

恐懼會忘記呼吸Fear will make you forget to breathe

事實上並沒有那麼糟In fact it is not as bad as you think

別掉進懦弱的陷阱Don’t fall into the slippery slope of fear.

要加油請加油let’s go, come on, let’s go

你加油大家一起加油You go and everybody goes together

當你有了勇氣 When you have the courage

好運隨時會降臨Good luck always comes

當你有了勇氣 When you have the courage

全世界都祝福你The whole world blesses you

當你有了勇氣When you have the courage

困難重重難不倒你Difficulties cannot beat you

當你有了勇氣When you have the courage

向前行沒問題 Moving forward is not a problem

溫柔的話語給自己鼓勵Encourage yourself with gentle words

輕輕地 鬆口氣  Give a gentle sigh of relief 

用力歡呼 為自己打氣 相信我一定可以Cheer loudly to give you strength and believe that you can do it.

重新開始繼續努力        and give your best effort again.

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