August 6

What Time Is It Now-B

嗨!文文! Hi Wen-wen 嗨! 大年! Hi Da-Nin

請問現在幾點鐘?What time is it?

現在是中午十二點十五分 It’s twelve-fifteen.

您找我出來有事嗎? What’s up?

當然! 您忙嗎? Of course. Are you busy?

我還在工作. I am still working.

你一天工作幾個小時呢? How many hours do you work a day?

超過十個小時 Over 10 hours.

嗨!文文! 大年!請問現在幾點鐘? Hi, Wen-Wen and Da-Nian. What time is it now?

現在已經十二點半了 It’s already twelve-thirty.

對不起!我晚了十五分鐘!I am sorry. I am fifteen minutes late.

沒關係! It’s all right

對了!小月想認識台灣文化, 你可以介紹幾個地方嗎? By the way, Xiao-Yue wants to learn more Taiwanese culture. Can you introduce some places?

可以啊! 要去那兒啊? Sure, Where to?

我們去山上喝茶!let’s go to drink tea in the mountains.

什麼時候? When?

明天下午三點鐘! 3:00p.m. tomorrow . 好耶! Great.

What time bb

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