August 6

What Time Is It Now-A

現在幾點鐘 What Time Is It Now?

請問現在幾點了?Excuse me。 What time is it?

現在是上午十點一刻。It’s a quarter after ten in the morning.

十點一刻是十點幾分呢?What minute is a quarter after ten?

十點十五分。 一刻鐘是十五分鐘。Ten fifteen. A quarter is fifteen minutes.

您每天幾點鐘下班呢?What time do you get off work every day?

我每天下午五點半下班。I get off work at five-thirty every day.

一天要工作幾個小時呢?How many hours do you have to work each day?

一天工作八個小時。I work for eight hours each day.

几点钟 / 幾點鐘 What Time
刻a quarter
十点/十點Ten o’clock
每天Every day
上班To work; start work
下班get off work
上学 / 上學Go to school
放学 / 放學School is over
工作to work
八个小时/八個小時eight hours
有时候 / 有時候sometimes
差不多About; almost
What time is it 2016, 5th


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