August 7

Today IS Wednesday-A

今天星期三 Today is Wednesday

今天是幾月、幾日、星期幾?What’s the date for today?

今天是三月十五日星期三 Today is Wednesday, March fifteenth.

明天呢?And what about tomorrow?

明天是三月十六日星期四。Tomorrow is Thursday, March sixteenth.

您是今天去看李先生的嗎?Are you going to see Mr. Li today?

不是, 我是昨天去看他的。No, I ‘m not.  I went to see him yesterday.

您是哪一年出生的?What year were you born in?

我是一九五九年生,後天正是我的生日。I was born in 1959.  It happens that my birthday is the day after tomorrow.

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