August 7

Today Is Wednesday-B

嗨! 文文! 大年,你要去送禮物?Hi, Wen-wen.Hey, Da-Nian, Are you going to send the gift?

是啊!今天是我朋友的生日。你看!Yes, today is my friend’s birthday. Look.

今天也是我朋友的生日!Today happens to be my friend’s birthday.

這麼巧!你的朋友是 What a coincidence. Your friend is—-

丁小莉!Ding Xiao-Li

哈哈哈!他看到我們一定很高興。Ha ha! She’d be happy to see us.

當然嘍!文文,你是哪一年出生的?Of course. Wen-wen, what year were you born?

我是1980年出生,明天是我的生日。I was born in 1989. Tomorrow is my birthday.

你的生日是哪一天呢?What day is your birthday?

我的生日是10月26日, 後天正是我的生日。My birthday is Oct.26th. The day after tomorrow is my birthday.

小莉是今天生日,我是明天生日,你是後天生日。Today is Xiao-Li’s birthday. Tomorrow is mine, and yours is the day after tomorrow.

太好了!我們都是天秤座!Great we’re all Libras

我們可以一起過生日We can celebration together.

Today is B


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