August 11

Speaking Chinese-A

 說中文Speaking Chinese

方先生,聽說您想學中文, 是嗎?Mr. Fang, I‘ve heard that you want to learn Chinese. Don’t you?

是啊。中文容易學嗎?Yes, I do. Is Chinese easy to learn?

學中文不能說難,也不能說容易。I can’t say studying Chinese is hard, yet I can’t say it is easy, neither.

您能教我說中文嗎?Could you teach me Chinese?

好啊!我教您一句俗語。Sure! I ‘ll teach you a Chinese saying.

太好了! 您快說吧!Great! Please go ahead!

衣服是新的好,朋友是舊的好。您聽過嗎?New clothes are good, but old friends are better. Have you heard that saying before?

我聽過,這句話的意思是老朋友最好。I’ve heard that one before.  This saying means having old friends is the best.

•说中文 / 說中文 Speaking Chinese

•听说 / 聽說 heard that
•想学 / 想學 want to learn
•容易 easy
•困难 /困難 hard
能教 Could teach
•俗语 / 俗語 a popular saying, A folk saying , idiom
太好了 Great!
•新的 New
•旧的 / 舊的 old ; used; worn
意思 Means ; sense
最好 the best.
•听过 / 聽過 have heard ; Heard of it
•这句话 /這句話 This sentence

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