August 13

How long have you studied-B

學了多久?How long have you studied?
小莉, 你好像很開心耶! Xiao-Li, you look shining.
哪有啊!還說沒有! Com’on.
最近你跟大年怎麽樣啦? How are you going with Da-Nian?
好朋友啊!we are good friends.
是嗎? 應該是男朋友了吧!Are you? He’s your boyfriend, I suppose.
別胡說了,我只不過請他當我的中文老師而已。Nonsense. He’s my Chinese teacher.
對了!您到臺北多久了?Right! How long have you been in Taipei?
我去年八月來的,住了快八個月了。I have been here since last August, and it’s been eight months.
你在美國學過中文嗎?  Have you studied Chinese in America?
嗯! 只會幾句: 您好! 您早!Yes, but just a couple of greetings, such as Hello and Good morning.
我是到臺灣才開始學中文的。 I started studying Chinese since I got here.
你學了多久?How long have you studied?
差不多快五個月了。Almost five months.
才五個月,就能說得那麽好,您真聰明。Only five months and you can speak Chinese so well! You are really smart.
哪裏,謝謝您的誇獎。Not at all.  I’m flattered.
一邊談戀愛、一邊學中文,不錯哦!It’s nice to learn Chinese and fall in love as well.

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