August 13

How long have you studied-A

學了多久?How long have you studied?

李: 方先生,您到臺北多久了。Mr. Fang, how long have you been in Taipei?

方: 我去年八月來的,在這兒住了快一年。I have been here since last August, that is, I’ve been here for about one year.

李:您在美國學過中文嗎? Have you studied Chinese in America?

方:沒有,我的中文是在這兒開始學的。No, I didn’t. I started studying my Chinese when I got here.

李:您學了多久?How long have you studied?

方:我學了差不多八個月了。I’ve been studying for about eight months.

李:才八個月,就能說得那麼好,您真聰明。Only eight months and you can speak Chinese so well! You are really smart.

方:哪裡,謝謝您的誇獎。Not at all.  I’m flattered.

学了 / 學了 studied
到 In; go to ; arrived
住 live;
在 be; at; in; on; up to; Used to indicate a progressive tense
开始 / 開始started
多久 How long
差不多About; almost
那么好,那麽好 so well
真聪明 /真聰明 really smart.
哪里 Not at all
夸奖 / 誇獎 flattered.
这 / 這 this
那 That
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