August 14

New Address-B

文文,好巧,在這裏碰到你。Wen-Wen, What a great coincidence to see you here.

是啊! 真巧!Yap, it is.

聽說你最近搬家了 I heard that you were moving.

是上個月搬的。I moved last month.

現在住在哪兒?     Where do you live now?

就住在這附近。I live near here.

你的新住址是—等一會兒, 我拿紙和筆記下來。Your new address is—–wait, I’ll write it down.

我的新住址是仁愛路三段三百二十巷十號。My new address is No.10, Lane 320, Section 3, Ren-ai Road.

離我家很近,我就住在仁愛路二段。That’s close to my place.  I live on Section 2, Ren-ai Road.

你上班方便嗎?  Is it convenient for you to go to work?

很方便, 十五分鐘就到了。Yes, It’s very conveniently located.  Only fifteen minutes away.

如果有空, 歡迎到我家坐坐。If you have free time, you are more than welcome to stop by my place.

謝謝, 改天有空一定去拜訪您。Thanks.  I’ll drop by and see you sometime.


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