August 15

A Notice-A

通知 A Notice

王:方小姐, 明天上午要開會, 你通知李先生了嗎?
Wang; Miss. Fang, we have a meeting tomorrow.  Have you notified Mr. Li yet?
方:我撥了半天電話, 總是通話中。
Fang: I’ve been calling him all day but his line has been busy.
Wang: You can go to his office to find him.
Fang: I’ve been there. Mr. Li is not in his office.
Wang: Did you leave a message for him?
方:沒有, 我過一會兒再打電話給他。
Fang: No, I didn’t. I’ll call him again in a moment.
王:這件事很重要, 今天一定要通知到他。
Wang: This is very important.  You must notify him by today.15 A Notice-A

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