August 16

Going To The Post Office-A

去郵局Going to The Post Office

方先生: 請問這附近有郵局嗎?
Excuse me. Is there any post office around here?
王先生:在前面, 往前走五分鐘就到了。
It’s right up ahead.  Just walk ahead for about five minutes and you will be right there.
方先生:謝謝! 我要去郵局寄兩封信。
Thank you.  I am going to the post office to mail two letters.
For friends?
方先生:一封是寫給我父母親的, 另一封是寫給朋友的。
One is for my parents, the other is for my friend.
Are they sent to America?
方先生:是呀, 不知道郵費要多少?
Yes, but I don’t know how much there postage will be.
Go to the post office and ask, then you’ll office words16 post office

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