August 15

A Notice-B

唉,好難寫呀。Oh, it’s so hard to write.

哎呀,這我沒有辦法幫你。Oops, I can’t help you with this.

明天上午要開會,我的報告一直寫不好。There is a meeting tomorrow morning, and my report has been poorly written.

你可以打電話給大年啊。You can call Danian.

我撥了半天的電話總是通話中。I’ve been calling him all day, but his line has been busy.

你可以到他的辦公室去找他。You can go to his office to find him.

去過了,他不在辦公室。I’ve been there. he’s not in the office.

你可以請王小姐通知大年。You can ask Miss Wang to inform the New Year.

他說他去開會了。He said he went to a meeting.

開會啊,可能會開很久。A meeting, it may take a long time.

是啊,我好擔心,明天的開會報告。Yeah, I’m so worried about tomorrow’s meeting report.

你留話了嗎?Did you leave a message?

沒有,我過一會兒再打電話給他。No, I didn’t. I’ll call him again in a moment.


I think you should call first.好吧,今天這件事情很重要,我一定要找到他。Well, this matter is very important today, I must find him.

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