August 18

Four Seasons-B

春夏秋冬Spring, Summer, Fall and winter

嘿! 小月。Hi, Xiao-yue.
早安!大年。Good morning, Da-Nian.
台灣的冬天不冷耶!The winter in Taiwan isn’t cold.
是啊! 台灣的冬天比美國溫暖。Yes, the winter in Taiwan is warmer than it is in America.
是啊! 有人說: “台灣是沒有冬天的。”Right. Some people say “Taiwan doesn’t have winter.”
我最怕台灣的夏天!I am more concerned about the summer in Taiwan.
為什麼? Why?
好熱喔!It’s hot!
不但熱而且長,差不多有半年呢?Not only is the summer hot it is also long, just about a half long.
熱得受不了 It’s unbearably hot.
就跟台灣人一樣熱情喔!It’s as hot as Taiwannese.
真的也! 我喜歡! Really. I love it.
我住在山上比較涼爽! I live in the mountains where it’s cooler.
如果有空,到我家坐坐。If you are available, you’re more than welcome to drop by.

Season B

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