August 18

Four Seasons-A

春夏秋冬Spring Summer, Fall and Winter

今天的天氣真熱啊!It’s really hot today!

是啊,台灣的夏天總是這麼熱。Sure is. Taiwan’s Summers are always this hot.

這兒的夏天長嗎?     Is summer long here?

不但熱而且長,差不多有半年呢。Not only is summer hot it is also long, just about half a year long.

有人說: “台灣是沒有冬天的。”Someone say:   “Taiwan doesn’t have winter”.


Taiwan’s winters are relatively short and not especially cold, but one can’t say Taiwan doesn’t have winter.

春、秋兩季的氣候好嗎? What’s the climate like in spring and autumn ?

春天不冷不熱,秋天秋高氣爽,都很舒服。The spring are neither hot nor cold.  The autumns are clear and crisp. They are both very comfortable.

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