August 19

Furniture B

傢俱 Furniture
嗨! 文文! 大年, 你來了啊!Hi, Wen-Wen. There you are, Da-Nian.

報上說, 這家店正在打折,傢俱都比平常便宜。
The newspaper says the store is promoting discount and the furniture are cheaper than usual.
我想買傢俱,所以找你過來看看! 謝謝你了!
I want to buy some furniture, so I asked you to come here.
你別客氣!  我也想趁打折的時候,看看有哪些傢俱可以買。
I wanted to buy some furniture myself when they’re on sale.
是啊!  你想買什麼呢?Right.  What do you want to buy?
我先看看,合適的話才買。 你呢?
I’ll have a look and then decide if I find something perfect for me.  How about you?
I want to buy a set of sods and a bookshelf.
This set of sofa’s style isn’t bad. How much is it?
那這張圓形桌子呢? 我喜歡橡木做的傢俱。
How about that round table? I like furniture made with fine oak.
別急!  慢慢看! 一定可以找到又好又便宜的傢俱。
Don’t rush! Take a look, and you’ll find something nice and cheap.

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