August 20

Dishes and Tableware-A

餐具 Dishes and tableware
林小姐 :明天您能不能陪我去買幾件中式餐具?Would you go with me tomorrow to buy some Chinese style dishes?
王太太:您想買些什麼呢?What kind of dishes would you like to buy?
林小姐 :我要買些吃中國菜需要用的餐具。I would like to buy some dinning utensils for Chinese cuisine.
王太太:您最少得有筷子、飯碗、菜盤和湯匙。You should at least have chopsticks, rice bowls, serving dishes and soup spoons.
林小姐:每樣要買幾個才夠用呢?How much should I buy for every item?
王太太:最好買一整套, 使用起來才方便。You’d better buy a whole set.  It’s more convenient.
林小姐 :我想多花一點錢,買一套漂亮的瓷器。I would like to spend a bit of money to buy a set of beautiful porcelain dishes.
王太太:我贊成, 美食也得有美的器具才行啊!I agree! Fine food should be accompanied with fine utensils.

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