August 21

Ordering Food A

點菜 Ordering Food

兩位請坐這邊兒, 請先看看菜單。You two please be seated here. Please look at the menu.

您來點菜吧, 我什麽東西都吃。You order. Anything is fine by me.

今天有什麽特別的菜? What specialties do you have for today?

來一個粉蒸牛肉好不好?是我們這兒的名菜。How about  “Steamed Beef”? It is the specialty of the house.

我不想吃牛肉, 叫別的菜吧。I don’t like beef.  What else do you have?

就來一個宮保雞丁和一個糖醋排骨. How about one Kung-Pao Chicken and one Sweet and Sour Pork?

我不敢吃辣的, 糖醋的又酸又甜,我也不愛吃。I don’t eat spicy food. Sweet and Sour Pork is too sweet and too sour.  I don’t really like that.

還是您來點菜吧! 您點什麽,我就吃什麽。How about you order then. I’ll eat whatever you order.


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