August 20

Dishes and Tableware-B

請喝茶! Enjoy the tea, Please.

你的餐具好漂亮喔! Your tableware is beautiful.

喜歡嗎? Do you like them?

喜歡! 喜歡就送給你。Sure. You can have them if you like.

謝謝, 你留著自己用, 我想自己買. Thanks, but I want to buy a set of my own. Wen-Wen, Would you go with me tomorrow to buy some Chinese style dishes?

您想買些什麼呢? What kind of dishes would you like to buy?

吃中國菜需要哪些餐具呢? What are the dining utensils for Chinese cuisine?

最少得有筷子、飯碗、菜盤和湯匙。You should at least have chopsticks, rice bowls, serving dishes and soup spoons.

每樣要每幾個才夠用呢? How much should I buy for every item?

你一個人住,一套就夠用了。A whole set is sufficient for you.

我想多花一點錢,買一套漂亮的瓷器。I would like to spend a bit of money to buy a set of beautiful porcelain dishes.

我贊成, 美食搭配美麗的餐具會更好吃! I agree! Fine food should be accompanied with fine utensils.

明天就麻煩您了! I’ll count on you tomorrow.

別客氣 Don’t mention it

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