August 23

Happy Birthday-B

生日快樂Happy Birthday-B

嗨!,文文 。大年,你可來了。我們走吧。Hi, Wen-Wen.  There you are, Da-Nian. Let’s go.

急什麼? 該不會沒有跟小月約好吧?What to rush? Didn’t you make an appointment with Xiao Yue?

沒有,我忘了跟她說了.No, I forgot to tell her.

那她還不知道我們要幫她過生日!Then she doesn’t know we’ll celebration her birthday

別說了!快走吧! No, and let’s hurry

唉Ah! 怎麼啦! What’s up?

文文,大年,你們來得正好,我今天—-Wen-wen and Da-Nian, you just came at the right time. Today is—-

怎麼了? 跟誰生氣呀?What’s wrong? Who are you angry with?

我不是生氣,是傷心. I am not angry, but sad.

別哭了,什麼事讓你這麼傷心?Don’t cry. What made you sad?

今天是我的生日,可是沒有一個人跟我說一聲“生日快樂” Today is my birthday, but nobody even said “happy birthday to me!

別哭了,我可沒有忘記。Don’t cry.  .  I didn’t forget your birthday at all.

你看,這是什麼?Look,  What’s this?

生日卡和蛋糕!文文,大年,你們真是我的好朋友。A birthday card and a cake! Oh Wen-Wen and Da Nian! You are really my good friend.

小月,祝你生日快樂。Xiaoyue, happy birthday!
birthday B



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