August 24



王先生:您想不想出去旅行? Would you like to take a trip?

方先生:您計畫去哪兒? Where do you plan to go?

王先生: 我們一塊兒去阿里山好不好?   Let’s go to Mt. Ali together, okay?

方先生: 聽說阿里山的風景很不錯,我老早就想去了    I’ve heard that the scenery of Mt. Ali is pretty nice. I’ve been wanting to go there.

王先生:阿里山的風景美得像圖畫一樣。 The scenery of Mt. Ali is as beautiful as picture.

方先生: 我們要不要準備餐點呢?     Do we need to bring some snacks?

王先生:不用了,只要帶照相機去就行了       No, Just bring a camera and that will be fine.

方先生:我要把美麗的風景都照下來。   I’m going to capture all the beautiful scenery in my picture.

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