September 1

The household dog and the wolf

家狗和野狼The household dog and the wolfDSC00198

A hungry and skinny wolf searches for food under the moonlight when he meets a well-fed household dog.

狼說:“朋友,你怎麼這麼壯啊?有什麼好吃的?”The wolf says, “Friend, how are you so strong?  What goodies have you ate?”

狗說,“你只要學習工作”The dog says, “You only have to learn to work like me”

狼說:“什麼樣的工作?”The wolf says, “What kind of work?”

狗說,“替主人看家””Watch the house for the owner and make sure no thieves enter”

狼說:“什麼時候開始?我很想有一個家。”when can I start?  I would love to have a warm home to live in.  Anything to keep me from the cold of the forest.

狗說:“跟我走吧!The dog says, “Just follow me”

狼注意到在狗脖子上的傷疤,The wolf notices a scar on the dogs neck and asks,

問道:“你的脖子怎麼了?” “Is there something the matter with your neck?”

狗說,“只是主人栓我的皮帶”The dogs says, “it is nothing just the leash that my owner puts on me during the daytime”

狼說:“哦,這是鐵的皮帶,使你不能亂跑?”The wolf says, “Oh, it’s an iron leash so you can’t freely run wherever you want?”

(gǒu)(shuō):“白天不能亂跑,但晚上可以”The dog says, “During the day I cannot run around as I please but at night I can do as I please”

狼说,“你自己回去吃晚餐。我不要没有自由。” I will let you get back to your dinner.  I would rather run around freely then to be tied up”


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