September 5

Internet Correspondence A


You are writing an email to your son again!


Yah!  It’s convenient to communicate with each other through the Internet.

順便提醒他, 記得回臺北時替我帶一件羊毛衣。

By the way, remind him of bringing me a wool sweater when he goes back to Taipei.

咦! 他正好上網了,我用Skype跟他說。

Hmm. He is online now; I will talk to him by Skype.


I want to talk with him, too.


Alright, alright, don’t haste. Let me get online with him first.

他那裡不是半夜一點嗎? 這麼晚了,他還沒有睡呀!

Isn’t it one o’clock in the morning there?  It’s so late and he’s still not sleeping!


He might be busy working. You could ask him yourself.


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