September 5

Internet Correspondence B

通訊 Internet correspondence
小莉! 你來台北這麼久想家嗎?
Xiaoli, have you been homesick for so long in Taipei?
當然會有。 Of course there will be.
你可以常常寫信回家呀。 You can always write letters home.
Writing an email is faster than writing a letter.
So you all write to your family by email
Now the network communication is really convenient.
But I miss my father, and my mother often can’t sleep at night.
You can use Skype to talk to your parents.
My computer doesn’t have Skype.
你可以在我這裡上網啊。 好哇! You can surf the Internet here. OK!
在這裡打入你的網路帳號就行了。 好!
Just enter your internet account here. Ok!
我媽媽正好上網了。 My mom happened to be online.
你快連上他的網路帳號。Please connect to his online account.
別急,已經連上了。 Don’t worry, it’s already connected.
現在美國不是半夜嗎? Isn’t it midnight in America now?
她怎麼還沒睡呢? Why hasn’t she slept yet?
我媽說他正在寫email給我呢。 My mom said he was writing an email to me.
他還寄了一件毛衣給我。 He also sent me a sweater.
你媽媽還真疼你。 Your mother really love you.
是呀! Yes!

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