September 8

Meeting Somebody At The Airport-A

王先生,我在這裡,請走這邊。Mr. Wong I’m over here。 please go this way.
張秘書,你怎麼來了?Secretary Chang, how did you get here?
是公司派我來接你們的。 一路上飛機還平穩嗎?Our company sent me to pick you up. Did you have a smooth fight the freight?
很不平穩,我太太暈機,吐得很厲害。The fright was not smooth at all. My wife got airsick and the vomited terribly.
沒什麼關係了,飛機一降落我就全好了。That’s all right.  I feel much better after lending.
海關檢查行李順利嗎?Did you get through customs okay?
Since we didn’t have any taxable items, we got through pretty quickly.
車子在外頭等著,我先送兩位去旅館休息吧。Our car is waiting outside.  I will take your two to your hotel for a rest.

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