September 7

The Airport (MV)

A 這班飛機的乘客不少,快去劃位吧!
There are a lot of passengers on this flight. Hurry to check in.
B 不要急,離起飛的時間還有兩小時.
No rush. There is another two hours before our plane takes off. Take it easy.
C 把護照給我,我去劃位。
Give me your passport. I’ll go(to)check in.
D 行李都交給航空公司托運嗎?
Are you going to send all of our luggage?
E 最好都托運,隨身帶的東西越少越好。
It would be better to send all of it. The less we carry the better.
F 可是我這些想帶在身上!
But, I want to bring the skin care products with me.
A 別忘了超過100毫升的液體,不能帶上飛機!Oh please! Don’t you remember liquids over 100ml aren’t allowed to bring to the airplane?
Your skin care products will be thrown away.
F 等我一下! 把它們放在行李。
Right. I do forget. Wait a second. I’ll put these products to my luggage’s to send.
E 這就對了! That’s right.
B 我的座位要劃在靠走道的位置。
Please reserve an aisle seat for me.
C 都弄好了,該去檢查行李了。
All down. Now it’s time to check our luggage.
D 現在就去候機室太早了吧?
Is it still too early to get to the boarding room?
F 機場那麼大,候機室很遠,The airport is very big and the gate is far away.
C 還是先進去吧!We’d better go earlier.

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