September 9


你喜歡做什麽運動?What kind of exercise do you like?
我最喜歡游泳了,幾乎天天都去游。I like swimming best.  I go swimming almost every day.
我到現在還不會游泳呢!Even till now I still can’t swim.
要是你想學,我可以教你。If you want to learn, I’ll teach you.
可是我一看到水,就會緊張。But I start to get nervous at the sight of water.
我的游泳技術是一流的,一定能把你教會。My swimming skills are tops! I would definitely teach you well.
我想學自由式,姿勢比較好看。I want to learn free style.  The form looks nicer.
對初學的人來說,還是先學蛙式比較好。For Beginner, learning the breast stroke is better.

游泳 Swimming
喜欢 / 喜歡 like
运动 / 運動 exercise
几乎 / 幾乎 almost
一流 the best; number one; top
要是 If
紧张 / 緊張 nervous
技术 / 技術 skills
自由式 free style
姿势 / 姿勢 posture; position; form
初学 / 初學 Beginner
蛙式 breast stroke
39 swim word

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